Special Report From Ed Lester:

Here's how to effortlessly start to make the law of attraction work
Plus: A simple secret for you to reprogram your mind with financial abundance…stay in a positive high vibration…and quickly manifest your life of freedom

Are you searching for:

  • Financial freedom
  • True love and beautiful relationships
  • Freedom from struggle, overwhelm and feeling tired
  • Inner peace and calm…Happiness, Fun, Laughter and Joy
  • Purpose and authentic meaning in your life

I'm DETERMINED to share with you the most powerful secret tool AND all the resources and knowledge you need so that you can start Creating Your Dream Life Today

As you're probably aware, the law of attraction is the most powerful, life-changing philosophy ever discovered.

It dramatically shows you how you can attract any kind of abundance you choose.

Not push, not force, not struggle—but simply and effortlessly ATTRACT the exact things you want in your life.

But what if--as you may have already suspected--you are missing a key piece to the jigsaw puzzle? One that literally and IMMEDIATELY EXPLODES your results and your personal development and growth.

You see, 'The Secret' and the law of attraction--while they give you an indication of what's possible for you--they don't really give you a full methodology for receiving your desired results in life.

So what's the methodology that's missing? What's the missing link to your Abundance mindset?

When you combine the quantum power of the law of attraction with this key missing ingredient, you suddenly take your own personal power... your ability to attract... your state of consciousness and evolution to an infinitely higher level.

It's something you really have to experience for yourself on a regular basis in order to fully understand its implications and effectiveness.

I will share with you this:

Successful people in all areas of life consciously or unconsciously ALREADY know how to do this.

Throughout history, in all fields of endeavor--from business to politics...from sports to the arts...from science to personal development and the healing arts—high achievers have ALL known how to harness and use the power of their subconscious mind.

Today, I want to give you access to the same uncommon skills and knowledge.

I have a very special, time-sensitive offer for you. I want to teach you how to not just learn, not just use, but MASTER what is undoubtedly the world's most powerful tool for creating and attracting unlimited abundance into your life.

Think about this...

What would it be like if you could IMMEDIATELY banish all negative feelings and get totally unstuck? If you could--whenever you wished--get yourself into a blissful and positive state, and stay there!


A secret and unlimited gift has been waiting for you to discover it. If I'm correct, today WILL be that day...

It will be the greatest discovery you ever make about yourself AND the most beautiful and divine gift you ever present to yourself.

I discovered the gift when I was still 15 years old. I lived in a town in England called Swindon. This was back in 1985. I was shy, unsure of myself. Frankly I was stuck and overwhelmed and didn't know what my place in the world would be. I knew I had an exciting destiny in theory. But I was scared I'd never get to experience it.

Then one day I met the most amazing man. I must admit I've since forgotten his name. But he inadvertently transformed my life forever. Looking back it's clear to me the EXACT moment that my life transformed from monochrome to full technicolor. I came alive from the inside out. A Saul to Paul moment if you like.

I broke free of all these invisible energy blocks and constraints that had been holding me back. Keeping me trapped.

I've spent the thirty years since helping other people break free too. I love sharing with others, the tools to achieving their true freedom and abundance.

If you're struggling to live the life you desire. If you're not living in that beautiful home—in a divine space filled with love, abundance and complete personal freedom…

Then it may well be that you need to experience the magic of this secret attraction ingredient in your life too.

I'm convinced I can help you make a positive shift. I sincerely hope you'll give this a go. Never before has the saying "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" rang so true.

If I have my way, this will be the moment you look back on as that moment where… Everything changed for you forever


"Ultimate Abundance" The Instant Law of Attraction Mastery Program

Sadly, most people settle for far less than they are capable of. The secret to attracting the financial and emotional abundance...the vibrant health...the authentic happiness and attraction power you wish for can be as straightforward as learning one thing:

Harnessing and unleashing the untapped power of your imagination and creativity.

Some call it creative visualization...some call it meditation or mindfulness...some call it self-hypnosis. But what's in a word? The power I want to share with you will transform your results. The positive changes will appear immediately and you'll finally get to start living a life of freedom on your terms. In short, you will be able to manifest a prosperous life that is perfect for you.

Most people struggle with the idea of 'hypnotizing one's self'. I can help you to master this simple, outrageously effective skill--and you'll be able to literally start programming yourself for fulfilment, and awesome levels of abundance starting immediately.

In fact, here's the truth:

The truth is you will be RE-LEARNING how to access and unleash the power of your subconscious. You were born with this talent, but unfortunately--if you're like most people—you've unknowingly forgotten how to harness it in your life. Law of Attraction has ceased to be the natural habit you were born with. And unfortunately, you've suffered the consequences.

You already know what the consequences have been, right?

Lack of financial freedom... Lack of control... lack of self-confidence and self belief... as well a whole list of missed opportunities, disappointments and life events that leave one feeling totally stuck and frustrated.

Let's call it how it is:
Life can be better. Much better. Even blissful.

You really can have, do, be anything and everything you want. Nothing held back. No holds barred.

Total abundance. Starting today.

(If you know me then you already understand that I believe change can happen in an instant. My mission in life is to get people into their abundance zone of freedom as rapidly as possible. Often in a heartbeat)

No matter what it is, no matter how much it costs, no matter how difficult it's been in the past—you can have it.

What does it take? Tapping into what it is you already know how to do. Your true destiny and what I call your energetic source code.

Which is... Using your mind, your thoughts, your ideas to UNCONSCIOUSLY CREATE your reality. To MANIFEST the life you've always dreamed of. To RECLAIM your destiny and God-given right to reach your full and complete potential.

And because I've shared these jealously-guarded secrets with countless others and seen avalanches of abundance in other people's lives, I'm CONFIDENT of helping you do the same. Your ambition, love and sense of longing are about to become your greatest assets. I'll show you how to get more joy and abundance out of life. Times a thousand.

How to unlock your 'innate, natural code' for abundance -- Attract the life that is just PERFECT for YOU

Did you know that you were born with talents, strengths and energies that are unique to you, and you alone? They're literally hardwired into your personal 'DNA for success'.

If you're trying to succeed in life by doing things the way someone else says you should...it's almost certainly going to leave you frustrated... exhausted... disappointed... resigned... and defeated.

Settling for less than you deserve.

It doesn't have to be this way. It can be so much different.

You can soon discover your life's true purpose—and manifest ANYTHING faster than you thought possible.


Read on...

Experience "HypnoAbundance" a life-changing tool for health, wealth and extraordinary success

Maybe you've already learned self-hypnosis in the past (or some form of guided meditation)...

If you have, I can assure you that you haven't learned it the way I'll teach it to you. This will be an eye-opener for you. It's not like any other personal development process you've ever experienced in your life. And the beauty of it is that you can expect to see and feel results right from the very first moment.

What makes it so different?

Simple. It unleashes those unique talents, strengths and hidden powers we talked about earlier. These are your personal resources, unique to you.

They'll be your tool for reclaiming your natural state of abundance...harmony and peace of mind.

I have developed this process through years of working closely with others and afterwards, measuring their results... my hard drive is filled with thousands of stories of personal breakthroughs and transformations.

Do you want to know the secret to why it works so effectively and so fast?

My secret is simple. I teach Law of Attraction and Self-Hypnosis in a way that people say is truly revolutionary--In a way that allows people to become re-empowered--to once again discover and leverage their hidden gifts.

  • Wouldn't you love to gain access to your hidden potential and inner resources? (I guarantee they're just waiting to be rediscovered.)
  • Wouldn't you love to have the ability to program yourself for fulfillment, freedom, confidence, health, happiness—anything you want? (It's totally doable, just follow my lead.)
  • Wouldn't you love to be able to create from the ground up the life you truly want to live? (It doesn't have to be hard, difficult or take a long time. If fact, when you do it my way, rapid change is not only possible, but preferable.)
  • Your Path To Success Is Uniquely Yours. Whether You Are Looking For True Love…Financial Abundance and Freedom…Health and Healing…You Can Have It All!

Hypnotize Your Pathway (with breathtaking results that start to manifest instantly)

Think of this as an exciting adventure. Based upon working with others such as yourself, these are some of the almost magical breakthroughs you'll quickly be able to engineer, experience and enjoy:

  • Amazing self-confidence. You'll quickly be able to build the rock-solid inner beliefs you need in order to achieve whatever you want. Imagine being supremely confident in all areas of your life. No more doubt. No more procrasination or self-sabotage
  • Blissful relaxation and rejuvenation every day. I'll show you how to easily rediscover your natural ability to relax...enjoy deep calm and tranquility...inner peace and harmony
  • Clear thinking. When you achieve focus, clarity and understanding, you can make great decisions. A clear "attractive" mind creates balance and allows you to de-clutter your life without effort or struggle
  • Motivation and unlimited childlike energy. The ability to overcome blocks and "stuckness", evaporate stubborn energy blocks and obstacles and create an incredible life others will be in awe of
  • Freedom to finally enjoy your life. Release yourself from day-to-day worries, fears, self-doubt and frustrations
  • Positive energy to attract anything you choose. Live life on your terms. Become immune to the negative beliefs and actions of others
  • The gift of being yourself. Living your best life. Find and leverage your own biggest personal strengths and talents. Everything will just become easy, natural and pure in your life
  • Rethink your whole attitude as to what's possible for you. As far as I can tell, your whole perspective is about to change for the better. This will rapidly grow your emotional strength, self belief and manifestation skills too
  • Your Path To Success Is Uniquely Yours. Whether You Are Looking For True Love…Financial Abundance and Freedom From Money Worries and Scarcity Mindset…Health and Healing…You Can Have It All!

Your career or business results...your financial abundance...your friendships and relationships. Rediscover and reclaim some of your dreams and ambitions that you perhaps forgot about

Reviews from some satisfied clients...

"Ed, You were one of my hypnosis trainers many years ago now... Self hypnosis is such a powerful tool for personal development. Probably the most powerful that exists.

I was so excited when I heard that you were going to create this program. I know a lot of people's lives are going to be changed by this!"

Christian Baker, UK
"This skill is crucial for personal development, self growth, health and lifestyle, financial abundance, you name it... It is the ultimate tool for life. Everyone needs to learn and benefit from its magic.

Ed knows the subject back to front and inside out. He has an amazing gift for teaching it to others, quickly and with stunning results."

Iain Anderson
"Just a quick note to let you know how great this course has been for me. I was amazed how easy it was to master self-hypnosis and have experienced many benefits. I have effortlessly attracted the ideal tenant after using Ed's dream machine technique and have had a significant reduction in stress since using self-hypnosis daily. I would happily recommend this course to others."

Diana Davis
"…I found not only a wonderful teacher in Ed Lester but also a great atmosphere to nurture the practice of the unconscious powers that guide us. I find practicing self-hypnosis to be the safest and most profound way to help overcome physical and emotional stress and a wonderful tool for healing. I would recommend learning self-hypnosis for all people, not just those experiencing problems, for it is a tool that you will have for the rest of your life."

Mirjam Maclean
"I have used self hypnosis with great success in my life to help me with focus, relaxation and making positive changes in my life. I have known Ed and his work for quite a few years now and I have great respect for his knowledge and his skills as a change manager helping people to take control of their own lives.

I would strongly recommend Ed and self hypnosis as it is the kind of skill that can help you in a great many ways in your life for the rest of your life!"

Teresa Schwellnus
"Self-hypnosis offers you the chance to make choices and decisions without stress.

I learnt self hypnosis skills from Ed and I benefit on daily basis from being able to utilise these skills to make my day how I want it to be."

Diana Edmonds

Write Your Own Miraculous Manifestation Story! Create The Exact Future Life Of Your Dreams

We all know that the accumulation of wealth, happiness, success, health, abundance, all begins in the mind. And achieving abundance involves just a few simple steps. It's actually just common sense mixed with some law of attraction understanding which I promise will soon just click into place for you.

For instance, one of the steps is to expand your belief of just how much is possible for you. The stretching out and expansion of personal beliefs is something that all successful people enjoy mastering. You also need to become an expert in crafting out an exciting personal vision and a set of irresistible life-goals. As well as creating the unstoppable momentum driving you towards achieving those goals.

Master your subconscious and you can make your dreams into reality. But it's also a complete mindset for life. It's a way of thinking differently so that you can enjoy life more--you truly can feel healthier, happier and filled with a surprising amount of energy and power on a daily basis.

An incredible life is more than possible for you AND I'm here to tell you that you deserve it

We all know the world has been going through some deeply troubling including in with regard to the economy. But droves of people are still becoming rich...becoming successful...remaining optimistic and focused. There is endless opportunity remaining available for you...right now...today. The universe has no limits. Nor should you.

Why so many still can't get The Law of Attraction to work to its full potential

Look at it this way. There was a missing chapter to The Secret. Not because things were purposely left out--but simply because some things can't be written down. They have to be shown to you.

Many LoA teachers don't have the full picture. They don't have the full skillset. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about a subject and wanting to share your passions with the world. But when it comes to personal development at this level you want somewhere who's been there and has the experience and results to prove it. I can show you how to master the power of your potential- Fast!

And what's more...I have literally thousands of delighted clients and students and business associates who will do my talking for me.

Reviews from some satisfied clients...

"When you get the hang of it, self hypnosis will totally change EVERYTHING for you. Your whole perspective of what's possible for you. Your power in life.

Ed is so enthusiastic and the best trainer I've met. He absolutely demystifies hypnosis and makes is simple...easy.

His enthusiasm is amazing and he's genuine. He walks the talk!"

Brenda Cheyne
"Ah the beauty of self hypnosis, it's great, after a few awkward words with my boss one day, through the power of self hypnosis I changed his image in my mind to him wearing big clown shoes and a large red nose, I've been chuckling away to myself for days now over it. On a more serious note it's great for getting a good night's sleep and relaxation, which in itself can help with so many anxiety related issues. It's one of the best things that Ed taught me."

Stephen Barton
"1. Self Hypnosis is Tumeke (which means in Maori -"Too Much" or "Awesome"). It can help you to Be "Awesome" and Feel "Awesome"

2. Self Hypnosis can help you to de-stress and relax.

3. Ed sees everyone he trains with the potential to do absolutely anything."

Pat Emery
"I have had an interest in self hypnosis for many years and began to learn from the internet. It wasn't until I met Ed Lester though, that everything fell into place. Under his guidance I finally understood properly what I was doing.

Self hypnosis is a fascinating and very effective way to deal with issues that restrict achievement and enjoyment of your life. It has helped me to get the confidence to build a successful business doing something I love.

I have explored many hypnotherapy options on the internet and Ed is right up with the best. He is very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about teaching."

Garry George
"Self hypnosis is an amazing tool that everyone can use and benefit from in their lives. Not only can you use it for general relaxation and stress management, but to address any issues you may want to work on such as fears, lack of confidence or motivation, or dealing with anxiety.

Self hypnosis is not only for fixing problems but can also be used to help you get more out of life and achieve more than you think is possible.

You will be blown away by how powerful a skill it is and wonder why you didn't learn it sooner! Ed has a wealth of experience in hypnotherapy and teaches self hypnosis in a very easy to understand way."

Wendy Barry
"When Ed Lester taught me self-hypnosis, he gave me a powerful tool that is readily available and that will serve me for the rest of my life. Self hypnosis has taught me how to control pain, how to release stress, how to deal with adversity and how to solve problems. In helping us to access the rich store of our unconscious mind, self hypnosis opens the way to a better understanding of ourselves, other people and the world in which we live. It can help us to sleep better, relate better and achieve more in our chosen career.

Ed is a wonderful teacher, and I would recommend him to anyone. He is caring, knowledgeable, and easy to understand, because he takes the mystique out of what is, after all a natural phenomenon."


Here's what my "Ultimate Abundance" instant law of attraction program includes:

There are 16 mind-training modules which will transform your personal energy and attraction power

All 16 modules include 2 X mp3 audio recordings which literally program you for success. Firstly a teaching audio recording shows you concepts...tools...breakthrough mindset and skills building.

Secondly a practical, profoundly enjoyable, abundance meditation experience which will turn on The Law of Attraction for you like never before. You can use this to make quantum progress and learn the concepts by experiencing the blissful energy shifts for yourself. Your new skills mastery will become instantly internalized. You'll achieve what's known as "Unconscious Competence"

Manifesting your dream life has never been easier and faster!

Module 1A:

Create Your Perfect Future – The (genuine) missing key to making the Law of Attraction work for you INSTANTLY

  • You'll learn just HOW MUCH can you achieve when you discover and turn on the unlimited power of your subconscious mind. And how fast it can happen for you
  • Reprogram your subconscious to change your beliefs about what's possible for you. Switch yourself onto a positive frequency and actually feel it happening.
  • Discover the groundbreaking new model of Abundance which works with YOUR unique energy and creativity. For many this is a blessed relief from years of struggle and "stuckness"
  • Force the universe to deliver empowerment and manifestation miracles to you at lightning speed
  • Rediscover your amazing, unique blueprint for prosperity, love, wealth and happiness
  • Start rapidly removing stress and worry and trigger the beautiful relaxation response instead
  • Effortlessly build new life changing habits and get consistent positive results
  • Break through the block I call "The Imagination Paradox" – I'll teach you how the thing that's got you into trouble in the past (your genius imagination) is the EXACT same tool that's going to be turned around and used to manifest all your dreams and desires. (This revelation alone will be worth more than gold and diamonds to you,...to your family...and your future)
  • Making exciting goals and outcomes manifest rapidly in your life. It WILL feel like you've developed magic powers.

Module 1B:

Clearing Your Energy - The miracle of relaxation and creation…(and the ultimate abundance habit)

Discover a whole new level of deep relaxation and meditation you didn't know existed

  • Yes YOU can truly relax (and when you do, it will be bliss)
  • The simple secrets of inner peace, happiness and emotional freedom
  • Use that relaxation skill to improve your health, energy and wellbeing
  • Quickly develop the habit of calming your mind enough to think clearly and switch into your best frequency
  • Make better decisions, enjoy better relationships, and finally start attracting the specific things you wish for
  • Finally let your mind, body, and spirit work together instead of against each other. Replace stress with vibrant energy. Replace worries with opportunities
  • Deep relaxation will be an inspirational gift for you. Relax and you can receive ANYTHING. You can look and feel younger. Even reverse the ageing process and have people be truly inspired by you
  • Live with greater freedom and in the intention of love and abundance.. solve nagging problems.. receive answers and guidance...and make better decisions

Module 2A:

"The true pathway of your life. Anything is possible when you connect with your true personal power"

  • Develop greater self confidence and inner belief
  • You were born with self confidence. Simply follow the process and let it return effortlessly. You'll feel like you can move mountains!
  • Create powerful suggestions and affirmations for yourself that can't be found in books or anywhere online PLUS they work like magic
  • Build your own powerful affirmations that create quantum changes in your energy and your results
  • Other unique "instant abundance" strategies
  • The "Reclaiming your voice" Strategy
  • The "Dream Machine" Strategy. For manifesting anything you choose. A soul mate…a successful business…a bulging bank account…happiness and renewed enjoyment of life
  • The secret environment of change. What most people don't understand about attraction. It's profound and will change your feelings of positive abundance in a split second
  • The "Groundhog Day" Strategy for unlimited growth, love and success
  • Discover your personal imagination style and start creating the feelings and energy you choose
  • Universal confidence and measuring the dramatic self-confidence improvements in yourself (+ the results to prove it. )
  • Powerful internal language patterns that ensure you build a beautiful relationship with yourself. Others will sense wonderful changes in you instantly
  • More on the "Reclaiming" Strategy. Use this to create a life where you're free to live...love...travel...explore and experience fulfilment on your terms.

Module 2B:

Amazing, Cosmic Self-Confidence – The simplest and quickest way to manifesting the one core energy you MUST have if you want to get unstuck and live the life of your dreams

  • Build the inner beliefs of abundance. Be truly confident and comfortable in ALL areas of life. Finally shed all of the doubts, fears and other emotional and toxic junk that's probably gathered over the years
  • Install unstoppable self-belief in your subconscious. You'll be waking in the morning with a huge smile on your face, ready to dance across the chimney tops.
  • Rediscover and reclaim natural, unstoppable confidence whenever you need it. You were born with self confidence and a lust for life. It's yours to reclaim and I'm going to help you rediscover your bliss
  • Achieve your true potential in life. Your soul's purpose. Understand that igniting your natural confidence and abundant energy allows you to get back onto your true life's pathway. Prepare for wondrous and interesting things to start showing up for you ;)
  • Experience the true personal freedom and opportunities that self-confidence gives you

Module 3A:

The magical, natural laws of abundance Manifesting a true abundance of vibrant health, emotional wellbeing and a beautiful mind body & spirit

  • Tapping into your body's unlimited well of natural healing and protection
  • Using abundance meditations for healing AND prevention of bad health frequencies
  • Learn how to easily and immediately "choose" beliefs so you can reprogram your mind body and spirit for divine health
  • Thoughts create reality. How to manifest and work with the right kinds of thinking so you get perfect results with your manifestation efforts
  • Understanding the truth about the mind/ body connection – not the usual hype and well intentioned advice. This is the real deal for abundance.
  • Isomorphism...an introduction to the use of metaphor, story and analogy. The 'flower remedies and color healing stories that will make you an expert on attraction'
  • The 3 natural laws of suggestion and abundance. Understand these and your vibrant health and prosperity is guaranteed

Module 3B:

Enlist Your Virtual Personal Trainer – Get your subconscious working for you and with you. Put your health, fitness and beauty onto autopilot

  • Learn how to program health into your body, mind and spirit. Replace all the abundant, life sustaining energy that the world has been busy sucking out of you.
  • Make your body stronger, fitter and healthier
  • Change habits and beliefs so that you naturally achieve health and vitality. Build consistency and an ability to get into energy flow every day
  • Create wellness from within. Prevent and protect yourself from future problems by mastering the law of attraction visualization secrets
  • Get a serious boost. Detox your mind and your body so that you feel better than you have for years. Your body deserves this energy boost. Just the results you achieve from this new, effortless and easy skill will pay for your investment in the Ultimate Abundance program many, many times over.

**Module 3 Bonus Program**

Weight loss abundance!

Lose weight and keep it off permanently using the Law of Attraction

  • Look and feel sensational. Discover how your mind and your imagination are more powerful fat burning resources than ANY diet or weight loss plan EVER
  • Is your body secretly tricking you to be overweight? When you change your mind you change your body. The very best weight loss experts all agree on that. You really can think yourself thin and gorgeous. When you can meditate, visualize and use affirmations the RIGHT way, melting body fat and achieving your desired weight become simple
  • Escape the diet-trap forever. Make permanent changes which stick and become part of the authentic and abundant YOU
  • Use your latent subconscious power to start programing positive beliefs which results in simple fat burning. Get into the best shape of your life
  • Slim, toned, beautiful, confident! The natural state of abundance in human beings is not one of being overweight or low on energy. An artificial lifestyle and negative unhealthy beliefs have caused the problem. You can free your mind and free your body. I am totally committed to ensuring this happens for you in this program
  • Make the weight loss process pleasurable, fun and truly empowering. Reclaim your personal freedom - look and feel amazing! (Although this is a simple and easy to use bonus recording, I'll let you into a little secret. We get more testimonials and incredible success stories about this aspect of the program that possibly any other.

Module 4A:

How the power of your subconscious mind can immediately and effortlessly "create" massive luck and great fortune for you.
This "Fast-Manifestation Secret Tool" beats any kind of a lottery win. It's yours forever.

  • The truth about positive auto-suggestion. How to create super-affirmations that leverage positive thinking but actually WORK.
  • The strong relationship between science, art and abundance meditations. Why this stuff works SOOOO incredibly well.
  • The subconscious personal development pathway. Change your positive vibrational levels and change your results instantly. Ever noticed how addictive positive people are to be around. I want YOU to be one of those people.
  • Strategic hypnosis filter - the "Lucky Person Strategy". This works and is based on little known stockpiles of scientific research. You'll never need to curse your luck again. You'll never need to see yourself as cursed or lacking in any way.

Module 4B:

A very modern meditation of gratitude, happiness & positivity – The Abundance Switch - Makes The Law of Attraction light up like a Christmas Tree The Size Of New York

  • Positive thinking by itself is never enough. In fact trying to force it often makes you feel more depressed and helpless. Understand where true happiness comes from and 'switch on at the source'
  • An enlightening way to create abundance and strength from within
  • Not a prescription. A pathway to your own, unique kind of happiness and positive energy. You have an energy in you that nobody else can replicate or experience. Ever suspected you had something VERY special inside you that nobody else can quite understand? That feeling is your true soul's purpose just waiting to help you come alive with abundance! Welcome to a true adventure in self discovery and pure joy
  • The fastest way to become really content and grateful in life. Learn what real optimism feels like and how it creates a belief bridge to achieving your dreams and desires

**Module 4 Bonus Program**

Financial Abundance Miracle – Getting Think and Grow Rich to work for YOU.
Creating and Attracting more than enough money for you and your family to stop worrying and start enjoying life

  • Creating and Attracting more than enough money for you and your family to stop worrying and start enjoying life
  • Program success and financial abundance into your thinking and your subconscious habits
  • Evaporate all of the invisible barriers and blocks to a wealth mindset so you can be comfortable and prosperous forever
  • Switch on your own attraction beliefs. Everything will start to change almost immediately. Achieve your kind of financial freedom, anything you choose even your "home on the beach".
  • Naturally align ALL of your abundance goals and enlist the universe to help you break through effortlessly and fast. You are already abundant. Understand what that means and how to "own your true wealth" then unleash the miracles of advanced manifestation and transformation

Module 5A:

Banish negative thoughts and learn how to literally switch into the positivity frequency any time you need to. Change struggle, overwhelm and "stuckness" into joy, flow and abundant energy—instantly!

  • Abundance meditation is not just in the mind...How to create actions and habits for success so that physical abundance is unleashed.
  • Abundance is not an 'act of faith'. It is a powerful scientific/medical/ performance coaching FACT supported by medical, dental, psychological, even sports and business organizations worldwide
  • How business, advertisers and politicians leverage hypnotic language and what you can learn from this
  • Introduction to NLP and 'swish patterns' – Changing to a positive state and triggering the resources of abundance in a fraction of an instant
  • Internal hypnotic polarity...how to make the switch to the positive feelings without even knowing you're doing it!
  • The 'two voices' strategy. Making positive energy EASY--No longer a frustrating internal battle.

Module 5B:

Instant Motivation and Energy - The magical bridge to incredible results. Overcome procrastination, melt away your energy blocks and get more done without even trying!

  • Instant Motivation and Energy - The magical bridge to incredible results. Overcome procrastination, melt away your energy blocks and get more done without even trying!
  • Overcome the paralysis of analysis or the curse of perfectionism
  • Never procrastinate unnecessarily. Learn how to easily get more done in less time
  • Become more organized and disciplined in your life
  • Productivity without stress. Finally getting in control of your life - BIG TIME

Module 6A:

Self-Hypnosis as a highly effective tool for enjoying personal peak performance and flow – Getting the very best out of yourself and feeling amazing

  • Positive psychology and 'Flow' Theory
  • What sports hypnosis teaches us about our own 'performance'
  • Kaizen and abundance. Always be improving!
  • Accepting and embracing who you are and who you are becoming
  • Find your strengths...Unleash your strengths
  • The 'source code' strategy
  • Understand your true purpose on this earth

Module 6B:

The Source Code For Success - Your Unique Strengths Discovered and Released so that you can become the happy and fulfilled person you were always supposed to be! (Super-Powerful meditation for manifesting the more challenging of your wishes)

  • Uncover your biggest personal assets for success in life...your unique portfolio of strengths and hardwired talents
  • Discover your own way to get into the zone. Life becomes far easier!
  • Experience the freedom to be yourself like never before
  • Align your strengths with life's challenges & opportunities
  • Become far more effective at work...in relationships...learning...and enjoying your life to the fullest

Module 7A:

Enlist your imagination as a "virtual video editing suite" to create the life you want – Designed so you can unleash your massive creativity to attract the life of your dreams (and have fun doing so)

  • More on the law of reverse effect
  • The positive subjective scale. The essence of The Abundance Index.
  • The correct way to perform mental rehearsal—how champions do it
  • Using association/ disassociation methods for more success
  • The 'video control room' strategy

Module 7B:

Get in control of your life! (and stay in control) – Be an amazing person who attracts true abundance—and also help others become happier and more abundant too

  • Understand why influence trumps control and how to achieve influence on autopilot
  • Build a feeling of control from within. Inspire others and totally surprise yourself.
  • Become more flexible...more persuasive...more trusting...more effective in general
  • Be able to say 'no' more often. Become more assertive.
  • Experience less anger or stress. Enjoy the calmness and clarity that comes from a feeling of being in control

Module 8A:

Unlimited Emotional Power. Instant solutions for changing the way you feel…the way you think…the experiences you enjoy…and the person you truly are!
True harmony, peace of mind and inner healing for you and for those you love

  • Emotional artistry
  • The inner guru
  • More on NLP, cybernetics and 'The Law of Requisite Variety'
  • The 'Musical Grace Notes strategy'

Module 8B:

Subconscious Learning. Harnessing the mysterious power of knowledge, curiosity and other under-utilized frequencies
Manifest your perfect life whilst having more fun and experiencing TRUE JOY

  • Increase your inner wisdom and tap into hidden resources for knowledge & learning
  • Become a curious person who inspires and intrigues others
  • Become the most interesting person in the room
  • Learn strategically so that you feel less pressure & experience more success
  • Start to experience constant and never-ending improvements in all areas of your life

Module 9A:

Welcome to your incredible future! Start to literally create the future you desire, right now! Finally look forward to everything that is to come with a new sense of certainty and real hope
(This meditation is designed to take the pressure of you. Allowing you to manifest in a more relaxed, enjoyable way)

  • Timeline techniques
  • Future time distortion and anchoring success
  • Strategic planning for personal empowerment
  • 'Decision point' in self hypnosis
  • Abundance and 'recalibration'
  • The 'even more perfect' strategy

Module 9B:

Manifest your personal life vision! Lifestyle design. Your perfect car…dream home…partner and loving soulmate…new business venture…TRUE FREEDOM - NO LIMITS!

  • Start to craft your vision for the perfect life you always dreamed of
  • Create a crystal clear vision of your ideal future PLUS access the tools to make it happen
  • Unleash your subconscious resources for achieving precious goals & outcomes
  • Discover your destiny - your true place in the world

Module 10A:

A Mysterious, Little Known Secret From The Law of Attraction – How to unconsciously model and emulate success and excellence in others
A shortcut to happiness and success leveraged by ALL of the most abundant, wealthy, creative people today and throughout history

  • Conflict resolution- Systems theory & 'evaporating clouds'
  • Unconscious modeling
  • Compound modeling
  • Conflict modeling
  • The 'John Lennon - Dear Prudence' strategy

Module 10B:

Unleash Magical Inspiration From The Universe. Stop getting in your own way, letting negative voices and energies into your inner conversations…and Stop 'Self Sabotaging'

Understand the true nature of inspiration from the universe and from within. Hardly anyone understands this secret
- It will literally set you free to live your very best life

  • Overcome inner blocks and obstacles to success. Get out of a rut.
  • Stop sabotaging your own happiness and progress
  • Build more energy and determination than you've ever experienced before
  • Easily develop the habit of performing at your highest level

Module 11A:

Letting go of all negative energy. So you can be free and move forward on your journey and live an amazing, positive, fulfilled life. Release pain and hurt from the past without having to dwell on it

  • Logical levels and changing deep beliefs
  • More on unconscious decisions
  • More on presuppositions and other powerful self-hypnosis language patterns
  • Time regressions and letting go of past negative energy
  • The power of indirect affirmations
  • The 'computer defragmentation strategy'

Module 11B:

Instant Abundance for Personal Freedom & Inner Harmony - Create peace in your life and for others you love. Heal yourself and hypnotize your future pathway

  • Stop worrying about what others think. Stop internalizing their negative comments and beliefs
  • Switch off the negative voice inside. Remove self-doubts and self-criticism
  • Start to remove anxiety, panic and worry from your life
  • Release yourself from the negative energy of the past
  • Enjoy the freedom to be yourself. Free of the fear of failure...free of the fear of success...Free to enjoy living your best life

Module 12A:

Enrich the relationship you have with yourself and deepen your connection with others.
A short cut to either manifesting your true soulmate or strengthening all your current relationships with love and deeper connection

  • Systematic desensitization
  • More on emotional artistry
  • 'Submodalities' ie. 'pieces' of strategic imagination
  • Instant and fleeting self-hypnosis
  • The 'Unconditional Love Strategy'

Module 12B:

Enjoy an Abundance of Love and Connection

You are a deeply loving (and yes, lovable) person. That special spirit and energy of love moves in every direction. It will finally attract the perfect people to you…effortlessly
(In fact, conscious effort and focus may well have been compromising your results up to now)

  • Manifest true love and deeper relationships by simply changing your vibrations and clearing all obstacles currently holding you back
  • This recording trains your body mind and spirit to live in an abundant energy field of love and truly healthy self confidence
  • Forgive yourself and others for mistakes in the past so you can be free to experience true deep love and connection with anyone
  • Enjoy an intimate and spiritual relationship with others (even with someone who's currently a friend or reignite a relationship with your ex)
  • Connect with your soul mate and significant future others. Identify and clearly visualize the love of your life before you even meet them
  • Feel beautiful and attractive and build a much stronger relationship with yourself
  • Feel supremely confident and comfortable so that others are attracted to you instantly and magically. Understand how the Law of Attraction can suddenly be used in all kinds of profound and enriching ways!
  • Make this the year you find true love or even just build and deepen all relationships in your life…

Module 13A:

HypnoAbundance is the most powerful communication tool in the world. Become a master of internal and external communications – Get people to understand you and love and respect you for the person you are. Get more of what you want from everyone (in every situation)

  • More on NLP and the rules of masterful communication
  • The value of movable comfort zones
  • Psychology concepts...Cognitive dissonance and consonance
  • Confusional self-hypnosis
  • 'Einstein's mastermind strategy'

Module 13B:

Instant Abundance for professional communication skills – Feel comfortable being yourself and making others feel wonderful too. Hypnotize your world with magic and inspiration

  • Start or join conversations naturally and comfortably
  • Overcome the fear of public speaking. Become an incredible communicator
  • Always get your point across clearly and effectively
  • Inspire and influence others with your communication excellence

Module 14A:

Positively transform the way you see yourself and feel about yourself! More assertive…more confident…more comfortable in your own skin

  • Super affirmations that allow you to become the person you always wanted to be...and deep down, you always were
  • Belief shifts
  • Hypnotic time distortions for building time management strategies
  • The 'Biggest Fan' strategy

Module 14B:

More Assertive...More Respected...Feel good about yourself! Feel amazing and ready to enjoy the abundant health, wealth and happiness you desire

  • Stop worrying about the negative thoughts or 'judgement' of others
  • Stop feeling guilty about things
  • Begin to deeply like and respect yourself
  • Understand and embrace your self-worth and talents. Achieve far more in life.
  • Become truly assertive without ever being arrogant or aggressive.

Module 15A:

Balance-Focus-Clarity- Your mind as clear and calm as water. Inner peace, calm and harmony attracted to you whenever you need it—even in those "difficult" challenging situations

  • Centering and getting in the zone
  • The most powerful hypnotic suggestion ever made (or not made)
  • Accelerated meditation skills. An advanced and very modern concept
  • The 'Crystal Ball Strategy'
  • Get rid of nagging doubts, senseless worrying and negativity AT LAST

Module 15B:

Crystal Clear Mind! Make amazing decisions and change your destiny – Get unstuck and onto the right pathway for you. This Abundance Meditation is designed to give you a powerful Personal Freedom Breakthrough.

  • Have absolute clarity about where you are and where you're heading
  • Develop the ability to focus and concentrate to a higher level
  • Research and analyze automatically so you can make better decisions
  • Think realistically and enjoy amazing results in all areas
  • See the big picture then focus on the things that make the real difference

Module 16A:

Some of the most advanced Law of Attraction and Abundance skills ever taught (or even understood)!
Instant Law of Attraction To Manifest Anything… Anyone…Any feeling or wish you desire

  • Breakthrough Self-Hypnosis, the creation of true magic
  • More on metaphor and analogy for profound change and abundance
  • Advanced Reframing
  • 'The Castle of Learning' strategy

Module 16B:

Hidden Forces for Abundance - Your ultimate shortcut for building the beliefs, habits and mindset of success!
Effortless miracles and the mindset that creates them and forces the universe to assist you

  • Slow down and achieve more
  • Get things finished
  • Always get the best out of yourself
  • Harness the hidden forces and natural laws available to you
  • Create personal breakthroughs on demand

The skills that you absorb from this program will be life changing.

Each upcoming module will focus on one of the 16 zones of abundance.

Each one will give you new outcomes and skills to focus on so you can enjoy the astonishing results you manifest. It's going to be more fun...more rewarding than you can possibly imagine right now

Getting Started With "Ultimate Abundance" – The Instant Law Of Attraction Manifestation Program...

This is a training program which, delivered face to face, would cost you well over $1000. That's assuming you would have the time to fly to New Zealand or Australia to attend one of my workshops.

As a downloadable product, this program is comfortably worth $297. We have regularly been offering it at that price to personal clients. And at that price it would be one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself and your future.

However, for anyone signing up over the next few days, I'm prepared to make you a very generous offer of $17.00 for the entire 16 module program plus the 2 exciting bonus recordings.

This special price is very much a temporary offer. By next week it may well be higher. As I said, this training will be life-changing and will give you access to skills you certainly won't gain anywhere else.

I'm making this offer because I believe passionately that everyone should have access to these life-skills. Money shouldn't be a barrier to your success. As an acknowledged expert in the law of attraction and HypnoAbundance field, with over 25 years experience, I can assure you that no-one else has ever put together a program like this…ever.

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Ed Lester
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As you work through this program, I predict you will experience incredible personal breakthroughs...you'll start attracting more abundance into your life than you have ever done before.

Whether you choose to focus on becoming more relaxed and happy...more confident and self-assured...more healthy and energetic...more motivated...wealthier...even if you have a specific goal in mind like losing weight... attracting the love of your life...or building your dream business. Whatever your desired outcomes, this training program will be your secret weapon of success.

If I'm wrong--or if you are not absolutely satisfied with the program, for any reason whatsoever, simply let us know and we'll immediately refund you 100% of our investment. No questions asked...no need to explain. We don't want you to be anything other than delighted with the results you obtain.

"Our unconditional guarantee is good for a full 60 days from the date of purchase. So you get to try out this product, risk free for a full 60 days!"

With that all said, let me restate...I'm convinced that the combined power of Law of Attraction will understanding how to unleash the power of your creative imagination is going to be your biggest breakthrough yet. You're about to embark on a remarkable journey of learning and empowerment. You're about to enjoy the key skills and habits that create success and abundance for life.

I hope to welcome you aboard!

Ultimate Financial Abundance Is The PERFECT Partner to The Dream Envelope. Both Are Included In This Program...

Cindi Ann Lawson

First day of my NEW JOB today!!! I'm nervous, but excited! Good thoughts from my Team Abundance, please!! This job didn't manifest itself the way I would have expected, but I have my dream envelope to thank for that. I had forgotten I included "a job that makes me happy" in my dream envelope. Then my job situation changed. Went to update my envelope...BOOM...the Universe provided! I REALLY GET IT NOW!!

SO...I'm off on my new adventure today...hopefully the first day of the job I will retire from in 10 years. :)

I've just reviewed January's dream envelope and, like last month's, it's worked.

I have little Porsche sales business and I wrote that I'd sold four cars in January - a lot for this time of year. And guess what? I made my fourth sale on Saturday.

I'd deliberately left the car right by the door because I had a hunch it would sell. That's a tip from the Secret - make room for things to happen.

Other things have worked out this month too. One thing that I didn't achieve, though, was the number of sales of a book I have written. However, I'm grateful for that because I revised the book during January and would rather people read the new edition.

Now I'm working on February's dream envelope. I hope this encourages others. 😊


Sylvia Stevenson

Hi everyone !!! So....I got a free trip to Malta

I SOLD my house in a week and got well over listing price

And I bought a house in the town nearby that I love and managed to revoke my original offer and re-offer less money and saved myself 30 thousand dollars

I also saw the love of my life this week and have dropped a size.....

I LOVE You Ed Lester 💕💕🌷🌷🌷🌷and your envelope 💕💕💕🌺🌺🌺

Just wanted to share a dream envelope experience with you all. One of my goals was around money, so my “soon” goal was something like “Soon, £100 comes to me unexpectedly”. To be honest, it didn’t feel exactly right to me: I’m not desperately in need of £100, but I suppose I wanted a sign that I was on the right track. £100 felt too small a goal, but it felt greedy / unrealistic to ask for anything else. I left it alone, promising myself to revisit my dream envelope and do it “properly” when I had more time.

So, yesterday we all received an unexpected email at work. Everyone’s getting a pay award this year of £250 - a lovely surprise before Christmas (and I secretly wonder if it’s the dream envelope at work, even though it’s for a different amount).

Then my colleague works out that we're only getting a portion of this in next week’s pay packet, not the full amount. I calculate how much extra I will unexpectedly get, and it's £104.16 - everyone in the office is disappointed, but I now have an even bigger smile on my face :)

Now I just have to work up the confidence to ask for what I really want…

Leah J

Tricia Merrett

The dream envelope works!

I knew it would, as I have so much respect for ed and listen to his recordings daily.... I'm living proof it works! Thankyou Ed . I followed Eds instructions and owned that envelope ...

I opened my envelope once since creating it in November, as I felt I had to give it plenty of time to hit the universe and start working...

I found a way to meaningfully help others, that was the first one that happened easy easy !

And mid week I was given a $12,000 bonus, just out of the blue "paid out my credit cards " ( I thought "put it in the envelope ya never know? Worth a try! " ) I'm now debt free.

My fitness levels have increased and I'm creating healthy lifestyle habits

Thank you 😊

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